Hawk Highlights: October 29

Outside of North Grove Elementary School

Important Events

  • Monday, October 29 | No School
  • Tuesday, October 30 | Red Ribbon Week- Mismatch Day
  • Tuesday, October 30 | 2nd Grade Field Trip
  • Wednesday, October 31 | Red Ribbon Week- Costume Day
  • Wednesday, October 31 | Halloween Parade 1:45 PM
  • Friday, November 2 | Running with the Hawks Pledge Money Due
  • Wednesday, November 7 | Yearbook Cover Entries Due
  • Thursday, November 8 | Wear Green Day for Citizenship
  •  Friday, November 9 | End of First Trimester
  • Friday, November 9 | Veterans Day Passport Paperwork Due
  • Friday, November 9 | EarlyAct on WLBK 1360 AM Radio at 9:40 AM
  • Monday, November 12 | Veterans Day Celebration at NG

Running with the Hawks
The students did a great job running and now they can go collect pledges. All of the money collected will go directly to our PTO. This money has been used to purchase books, technology, a rock wall, soccer goals, a playground expansion and more. Online donations have become very popular over the past few years. This is especially helpful for family that live out of town. Click here to access our online donation feature. Click here for an additional copy of the paperwork that was sent home. All pledge money is due by Friday, November 2. We have a few classroom goals and a building goal that we will be tracking. If the students reach these goals they will earn reward here at school. Good luck Hawks!

Kazo Primary School
This year at North Grove we have some new friends in the country of Rwanda. We will be learning about the Kazo Primary School throughout the school year. They will also be learning more about North Grove and our educational system. We will be exchanging videos and items to learn more about each other’s culture. Please enjoy the first video from the Kazo Primary School and NIU. EarlyAct will help us draft our first video response to our new friends in Kazo.

Click here to view the first video from our friends at the Kazo Primary School.

Red Ribbon Week- October 23-31
We will show our support for healthy choices and a drug-free lifestyle through a set of school
wide activities listed below. Thank you to the EarlyAct club for working on the theme and
activities for the week. This year the theme is “Life is your journey – travel drug free”.

  • Tuesday 10/30 Mismatch Day
  • Wednesday 10/31 Costume Day

Halloween Parade and Parties – Wednesday, October 31 – 1:45 PM
The costume parade will be held on Wednesday, October 31 at 1:45 PM. Parents may
come to view the parade in the gym, cafeteria or library starting at 1:40 PM. Classroom
party times will be shared by the classroom teacher. Please remember that non-school
age children are welcome at the parade but the classroom parties are for North Grove
students only. All treats must be store purchased.

Please make sure your child’s costume is school appropriate with no weapons and is
safe to walk in. Masks are allowed but must be easy to see through and not scary for
younger students. Your child should not wear makeup to school or apply it at school.

Staff Costume Theme: Sports

Veterans Day
Monday, November 12
We will host several events for our local veterans on Monday, November 12. Students are asked to invite a veteran from their life to join us at North Grove starting at 9:00 AM. We will host a breakfast for the veterans, and our students who invited them. After the breakfast, we will have a building assembly. We will also have lessons in the classrooms along with a school wide display in the cafeteria and hallways. Please return the Veterans Day Passport paperwork by Friday, November 9. This paperwork will help us prepare for the event and will be sent home this week. Click here to access our Veterans Day paperwork.

Student Wear

  • Kindergarten and First: Wear Red
  • Second and Third: Wear White
  • Fourth and Fifth: Wear Blue

Yearbook Cover Contest
Wednesday, November 7
Time to grab a pen or pencil and get your thinking cap on! The yearbook cover contest
is open to all students at North Grove.


  • All entries must be submitted on a plain, unlined, white sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper
  • Please make sure to put North Grove Elementary 2018-2019 on your cover.
  • The cover should be an original hand drawn creation
  • Please put your name and teacher on the back of your creation
  • Be creative! Have fun!

Parent Teacher Conferences- November 19 and November 20
Parent teacher conferences will be held from 1:00 to 8:00 PM on Monday, November 19
and Tuesday, November 20. If you have not scheduled a conference time please
contact the office.

Recess Supervisor Position
We are currently looking for someone to work at North Grove during the lunch hours. We need a positive person who can multi-task and connect with students as they supervise recess. This is a daily position from 11:20 AM to 1:20 PM. The job duties would include monitoring allergy needs, supervising the students during recess, managing a large group of students at once, and working in collaboration with the other recess staff. If you are interested in this position please click here to apply and contact Mr. Janisch.

Weather Changes
As the weather in the midwest continues to change quickly, please help your child(ren) be
prepared for recess. We ask that all students wear a coat when the temperature is below 60

Spartan Food Pantry
Sycamore School District is partnering with the Northern Illinois Food Bank to provide Sycamore families with a seasonal mobile food pantry. This pantry is open on Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30 PM at West Elementary School. Any district family can participate in this mobile pantry. Please feel free to bring boxes and bags to make your shopping experience run smoothly. We will have back up boxes and bags if needed. Click here for more information.

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