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Kindergarten plays an important role in developing the social and academic abilities of our students. Through activities that encourage collaboration and exploration, our kindergarten students are taught lessons in reading, phonics, writing, math, science, and social studies.
Our kindergarten students explore letters, the sounds they make, and instances in which the sounds are changed, muted, or manipulated by the letters surrounding them. This is later applied as students are taught high-frequency words and learn to form them into sentences in personal narratives, “how to” explanations, and other writing.

Students are introduced to fiction, nonfiction, and poetry texts as they learn to search for meaning, use picture clues, work on fluency, and communicate meaning. Throughout the year, students use these strategies to begin reading increasingly difficult books with greater accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.

In math, kindergarten students focus on manipulating numbers through 20 to add or subtract to 10. Students also practice counting to 100. Two- and three-dimensional shapes are explored by analyzing and comparing their length, weight, capacity, and composition.

Through observation and discussion, students learn about weather watching, force, and plants and animals around them. Students also learn about themselves as individuals and as members of increasingly larger communities — from neighborhoods to the world — including how others live and how to take care of their environment.