Mrs. Fey

Welcome to Mrs. Fey’s Resource Site!

Welcome Back to North Grove School for the 2016-2017 school year!! I am once again excited to begin another great year!!

Now that the first few months of the year have been in session, we have reviewed and learned new things that will continue to build as the year progresses. I have been very pleased at what all my students have remembered and how they are learning new skills.

Along with many of my students from last year, we have welcomed some new faces to our group. All of our new students have acclimated well to each other and are learning how North Grove rolls.

I look forward to meeting all of you parents at Parent Teacher Conferences in November. I will meet with you and your child’s classroom teacher. Additionally, as always, I would like to meet with you separately if more discussion is needed.

Again, welcome back and have a wonderful Fall!!

Michelle Fey
Special Education Teacher
North Grove Elementary (Grades 4-5)

Meet the Teacher

I am the Special Education Resource Teacher for grades 4-5 at North Grove Elementary. I have worked for Sycamore Schools for 20 years as a Special Education Teacher. I have taught at North, Southeast, South Prairie, and finally, at North Grove in Sycamore.

I grew up in the South Suburbs of Chicago with 3 siblings. My brother, Matt, has Intellectual and Physical disabilities, which was my inspiration to become a Special Education Teacher. After volunteering for many years when I was young, I went to NIU in Dekalb to become a Special Education teacher. I began teaching in the South Suburbs of Chicago, then moved and taught near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1994, my family and I moved to Saint Charles and I began teaching for Dekalb County Special Education Association in Kirkland and Cortland for two years. In 1996, I started teaching in Sycamore at North School.

I currently live in Saint Charles. I have two adult daughters, Erin and Courtney. Erin works in downtown Chicago and Courtney works as a teacher in Iowa. I enjoy watching sports and listening to music. My favorite college teams are NIU, Iowa, and Notre Dame . I am a big time Blackhawks fan, and I love the Bears and the White Sox. Lastly, I enjoy going to concerts, especially outdoors and country music.

Special Education Team at North Grove
Below is a list of staff that serve on the Special Education Team at North Grove.

Dr. Travis Flewelling – School Psychologist
Mrs. Mary Gentile – Social Worker
Miss Carrie Erhart- Speech and Language Pathologist
Mrs. Patrice Pritchard – School Nurse
Mrs. Brooke Meier- Physical Therapist
Mrs. Stephanie Harsh – Occupational Therapist
Mr. Ryan Janisch – North Grove Principal

Homework Tips

  • Establish a set time for homework each night.Some students enjoy a break right after school, then homework later while others like to get it out of the way to relax later. Do what works best for your family. BUT HOMEWORK SHOULD BE ESTABLISHED AS A MUST.
  • Homework should take only 10 mins, x your child grade level. If it takes more, and your child is frustrated, let the teacher know what is occurring.
  • Establish a beginning and end time.
  • Homework should be done the same place each night.This helps establish a routine and should reduce distractions.
  • If your child is easily distracted, reduce distractions.
  • Allow your child breaks , but remember that the time away from homework should not be counted as time on task.
  • Use a timer to help your children know how much time they have to do homework and how much time is left.
  • If your child needs help, first model what you want him/her to do, then do it with them, and then let them do it on their own.
  • If after modeling and trying, your child is not able to complete the homework, please email me or write in assignment notebook that he/she does not understand and we can work on it at school.
  • Homework help is available in the morning at 8:00 for any of the students on my caseload. Mrs. Burns or myself are in my room at that time. Students can come to my room . A email or text is sometimes a good idea!