Mrs. Kerlin

Welcome to the North Grove Computer Lab!

 Mrs. Kerlin 

The purpose of the computer lab is to integrate technology into, enhance, and enrich students’ grade level curriculum. It is crucial that our students can compete globally in a world where technology shapes our lives every day and in every way.

The North Grove Hawks come to the computer lab at least once a week to learn valuable computer skills, make brilliant projects, learn about computer safety and more.

The following are some of the topics we cover in the Computer Lab:

  •  Internet Safety (K-5)
  • Mouse Control (K-2)
  • Basic Vocabulary (K-1)
  • Letters (K-1)
  • Numbers (K-1)
  • Computer Art (K-1)
  • Web Research (2-5)
  • Additional Vocabulary (2-3)
  • PowerPoint (2-3)
  • Excel (2-5)
  • Cartooning (2-5)
  • Photo Editing (2-5)
  • Keyboarding (2-5)
  • Website Evaluation (3-5)
  • Higher Vocabulary (4-5)
  • Advanced PowerPoint/Prezi (4-5)
  • Movie Making (4-5)

Learning Tools