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“Everything I learned I learned in Kindergarten.

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Mrs. Diane Wesley

Hello! My name is Diane Wesley and I am excited about being your child’s teacher! I have taught in Sycamore School District since 1997 and have worked with kids from grades K-3rd. I began my teaching journey at North School teaching 3rd grade. As the years went on I taught a 1st and 2nd grade multiage for 5 years and then moved to Kindergarten. I have been teaching Kindergarten since 2006. When North Grove Elementary opened, I felt it was a great opportunity for me to continue my kindergarten teaching career.

I have two daughters and a wonderful husband. Our oldest daughter is 12 years old and our youngest is 9 years old. My husband also works for Sycamore School District as the Principal of South Prairie School. So you could say our heart and passion lie with the being part of this fabulous school district.

What can I do to help my Kindergartner at home?

When connections to what we are working on in school are reinforced at home, is a way for your student to change from a good student to a great student!

Here are a few tips:

  • Read Everyday
    • At whatever level they are able to independently read, they still need to hear what spoken word sounds like so they can experience that when they are ready. Finding their favorite story or an interesting non-fiction topic will engage them as well. Reading does not always have to be before bed! All though this is a great time to enjoy a book together, any free time can be a great time to pick up a book.
  • Offer the opportunity to write
    • Writing needs to be a pressure-free environment. We teach to “write the sounds you hear”. Therefore, spelling will not be perfect at this level. Kindergartners need to be able to be confident to write words and sentences without feeling the made a mistake. Have them draw pictures of a favorite part to a book or a fun family outing. Then have them tell and write what the picture is about.
  • Math Facts
    • Even at this level, Kindergartners should begin to work on addition and subtraction facts and comparing numbers. Use a simple deck of cards to play many different games. Simple games like, War (we call it Top-it at school :)), or the card game called Garbage are two great games for number recognition. Addition/Subtraction Top it is another fun way to practice math facts. Flip over 2 cards and add/subtract the two numbers. Whoever has the highest/lowest answer keeps the cards.

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